Some handy tips to sort your wardrobe out before shopping with us!

1. Always choose quality wooden hangers. They look better and are better for your clothes.

2. Box away out of season clothes.You secure plastic grates to keep any bugs out and add a nice smelling draw sachet before closing up.

3. Get a hanging rack for your handbags or a shelf or box cubes.

4. Get some 3M hooks for your necklaces and belts.

5. Add an extra hook on the door or wall so you can use it to help put your outfits together.

6. Get a small gift box for all your extra buttons and some safety pins in for emergencies.

7. Buy a small sewing kit from the supermarket for bigger emergencies.

8. Invest in a full length mirror.

9. Iron your clothes before putting them away - just because.

10. Grab yourself a washing basket so that dirty clothes don't end up on floor.

Now let's get those clothes sorted!

  1. It's best to take everything out of the wardrobe.
  2. Separate your wardrobe into 3 areas: Work, Social and Recreation (casual) This is because everyday you are either going to work, going out socially or wearing casual clothing.
  3. Ask yourself: Does the item suit your Style Personaity and flatter your body shape?
  4. If it is stained, stretched, pilled, torn, worn or just looks like it has been washed 1000+ times, let it go. I am sure you can replace it. Old clothes don't make you feel nice.
  5. Think about "Right now" clothes. If something doesn't fit you then you must decide if its really worth keeping. Would you even wear it when it does fit you down the track?
  6. If your clothes are too good to throw out. Organise a night in with the girls and have a swap party!
  7. Now put back all the clothes that "Pass" into the 3 different areas of your wardrobe so that they are easy to find.
  8. Remember to invest in those wooden hangers so that it looks like your own personal store to shop in every day!
  9. Now look at the gaps in your wardrobe. What staples are missing? Do you have a great winter coat? Are you happy with your jeans? How are your black pants looking? Do you have a couple of great "all occasion" tops for your social wardrobe? What is your shoe situation like? And what about your handbag?
  10. You can ask us about the 10 staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe...

We would love to help you shop for the items you need... In fact if you mention this article and the fact that you have got your wardrobe sorted when you call, we will give you $50 off any Styling Service!

So please give us a call when you are ready to have a happy wardrobe on 0450 882 778.

Shopnfriends - 24 Strathalbyn Loop, Carramar. Perth. W.A 6031- 0450 882 778

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