The 12 Staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe

The Shopnfriends 12 staples were put together to help women to always have something to wear.

Whether it be a job interview, function, event dinner, lunch date or shopping!


1.The black dress

Formally known as the LBD- Little black dress. Ideally this should be a wrap style dress.The wrap will ensure it can be ready in an instant even if you have lost or gained some weight. Great with coloured accessories.

2. The dress pants

A perfect pair of well fitting black pants is a must for any capsule wardrobe.

3. The blazer

Whether its over the black dress, for work or just a stylish piece of t shirt and jeans a great blazer is an important part of any womans wardrobe.

4. The pencil skirt

Typically this should be a matching suit in your capsule base colour (depending on your Style personality) You will need a suit at given times in your life. These items are usually very hard to find when you need them in a hurry!

5. The dark denim jeans

No matter what your size or shape -straight leg, dark denim is your friend. Your bum will look better, and a mid-rise will help flatten a tummy, and help you feel more put together.

6. The basic white shirt

A classic staple. A must for your suit or just wear with dark denim jeans and a classy boot/flat with a great bag. It must be white, clean and crisp - ironed well!

7. The trench coat

A great fashion investment, this is one item, you should spend a little more money on. Single button only and can be purchased in traditional camel, black or deep jewel tones. You will always feel very classy when wearing it, even over jeans and a t- shirt. Purchase well and it will be a staple that will last for years!

8. The long lined cardigan: layering

This trans-seasonal piece can take you from day to night. Winter to Spring, Summer to Autumn. Length should be thigh-high, and knit should be fine – not chunky. For maximum impact to create the best vertical lines, always wear a contrasting colour underneath. Great day wear with a scarf, t-shirt, jeans and flats.

9. The day dress

Best worn for lunches, BBQ’s Christmas day etc A great piece for when it’s hot, but also can be worn with your boots and a long lined cardigan! Small patterns are ok, but don’t go crazy as you want to be able to match this dress with lots of other pieces.

10. The all occasion top: the builder

This is the top you wear when you go to the movies or shopping. Visiting friends or going to lunch. You can wear it with jeans, skirts and pants. Can be dressed up with jewellery. Ideally 3-4 of these in small patterns or interesting details. Best worn in your most favourite, flattering colours!

11. Casual /yoga style pants.

There is no easy way of saying this. These are INSIDE CLOTHES ONLY. It doesn’t matter how nice, it’s still a tracksuit and even you may be comfortable – gym clothes are for the gym. We need these for around the house, but if you are heading out head back into your wardrobe for better staple options. You will feel and look better! Remember when you feel good, you look good!

12. The Plain t-shirts

We need T-shirts. Whether you are wearing them as pyjamas or house- clothes, you should have afew of these. They can also be worn under your trench or cardigan with a great scarf of pendant. Try basic colours, like black, white, and marle grey. Then bring in your favourite colours.

So how many staples do you have?

  1. The black dress
  2. The dress pants
  3. The dark denim jeans
  4. The basic white shirt
  5. The trench coat
  6. The blazer
  7. The pencil skirt
  8. The long lined cardigan
  9. The day dress
  10. The all occasion top
  11. The track suit / cargo pants
  12. The plain t-shirt


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