Personal Stylist Training in Perth

Shopnfriends was born in 2008 after I noticed a gap in the marketplace. Women were struggling everyday to feel great in clothes and nobody seemed to be out there helping them properly.

The retail fashion stores were selling them looks that often did not suit them and women were wandering around aimlessly hoping something would eventually "Pop out" at them in shopping centres all over Perth.

Text Box: 2008I had been inadvertently styling others during my 10 years in Real Estate and prior to that as friends were always asking me to, "Help them find something nice to wear!" But I also realised very early in, that Professional Styling was a trained skill set and if I was to make this a serious business then I would need to get some qualifications and experience to backup my idea of having a successful Personal Styling Agency in Perth.

Studying was fun and very educational but I started to understand that dressing women was less about the ability to find a bargain (or any passion I had for fashion) and more about the WHY rather than the HOW.

Why would women want to use a Personal Stylist?

Why do they feel terrible with their current wardrobe? Why do they lack confidence?

Why do they find it such a nightmare shopping for clothes? Why do they only wear about 20% of their wardrobe?

Why do they really want to improve the way they dress?

To be honest, I knew this was the start of something big. Originally I trained with the International Style Academy in Melbourne with Claire Maxfield. Then I went on to train with American Image Consultant, Brenda Kinsel. And I have always continued training over the years as I came across webinars and seminars plus read a lot of books along the way.

But whilst the training was amazing, I realised quickly that I lived in Perth, and the training that I was getting was not always relevant to my marketplace.

So I started to adapt my training to become what eventually started as Shopnfriends.I actually dreamt of the name Shopnfriends. It was created to be a "Friend to shop with" so that the clients wouldn't feel like they were getting dragged around by a over-the-top Fashion Stylist. When I was out shopping with clients, we would simply look like a couple of friends out shopping together. And it worked out real well for me.

Now more than 10 years later, Shopnfriends is a leading Personal Styling Agency in Perth. I have personally trained more than 60 stylists and our StylenShop session is still the most popular way to start a womans styling journey.

So now you know the history of Shopnfriends, I invite you to read all about our Personal Stylist Training Program to see if it is a good fit for you.

So if you want to be a Personal Stylist this year, please speak to Janine Davison for a chat today or use or handy enquiry form below.
For more information, please enquire here:

Below are our first graduates from our 1st group training completed in February 2012, enjoying a High Tea, to celebrate their graduation.


Here's some of what the students had to say....

"I have really enjoy the course, learning all the information, and found Janine to be extremely forthcoming, friendly and inforamative!" - Fiona McPherson - Fiona and Mel, Personal Stylists

"Thank you so much for this fantastic experience! I have really learned so much and most importantly the areas I know I need to work on in order to be more well rounded!" - Stacey Smart

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, thank you!" - Julie Maiolo

" I absolutely loved the course, it has fuelled my passion to help women find themselves in fashion!" - Aston Dexter

"This course has been so much fun and I am very glad I did it!" - Sharon Krollig

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