Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper Perth

Are you inspired and excited when
 you look at your wardrobe?

Or supressed and depressed by your wardrobe?

Shopnfriends Personal Stylists were recently labelled Perth's most popular Personal Stylist.
Perth men and women choose Shopnfriends because we are everyday people ourselves, so you dont have to worry about any intimidation when you are hiring a Personal Stylist.
We just look like a friend to shop with; That's why we are called Shopnfriends!
We are all about getting to the bottom of your dressing dilemas and finding clothes that are authentic to you regardless of fashion trends.
We absolutely love what we do, and you only have to look at our reviews (over to the right) to know that we are the best and most trusted choice for you!

In fact, we are soo confident that we can change the way you look and feel in clothes in just 2 hours, that we even have a money back guarantee! There is no risk for you to get started!

So where should you start?

The StylenShop
This is our most popular Style Session by far! This is all about YOU!
The more we learn about you, the better we can help.
So we send you out the 'Style Homework" questionaire first.
Then we meet you at your preferred place to shop -
(City or Shopping Centre)
Then we test your Style Personality and teach you some basic Style Fundamentals over coffee before we head out to the stores!
After that we hit the stores to show you in person how your new Style Personality is put together - it's so much fun!
This session goes for 2 hours and is finished with recommendations and a Personal Style Guide that is emailed to you (PDF) so that you dont have to take notes on the day!
And at only $345, you can feel better about yourself and actually look forward to getting dressed each day!


Or.....Would you prefer us to start with your wardrobe?

Sounds like you need the Style@Home!
Some women have super-large wardrobes and feel that they may have some items they can salvage or just have lost their way and dont know how to cull that wardrobe!
The Style@Home is prefect for the woman who has heaps of clothes yet feels a little overwhelmed when its time to sort thorugh it all!
So yes, we come to you to sort your wardrobe but we also start with the same Style Homework and Consultation over coffee to make sure we are both on the same page.
The Style@Home also takes 2 hours as we set you straight, and put together fresh new looks with your own clothes!
And it finishes with recommendation and our Style Guide (PDF) to make sure you can remember all the cool tips and tricks to feel good in your own clothes!
This service is just $345 and will have you shopping out of your own wardrobe in no time at all!


Need your own Personal Shopper?

If you are looking for a Personal Shopper in Perth, then you have come to the right place!Our trained Personal Shoppers are NOT paid commissions by any stores, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice.
They are highly trained, super friendly and can update your seasonal wardrobe in just 2 hours!

A Shopnfriends Personal Shopper will help you with:
  • A new season wardrobe.
  • Basic wardrobe staples.
  • A special event outift.
  • A job interview outfit.
  • A new wardrobe for your new body.
  • A sexy look for a hot date.
  • or simply just a wardrobe of clothes that you'll feel great in!
Call to order your Personal Shopper now 0450 882 778
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